Upgrade PX-Central from versions 2.0.0 to 2.0.1


Ensure PX-Central version 2.0.0 is installed.


To upgrade the PX-Central version 2.0.0 to 2.0.1:

  1. Update your Helm repository:

    helm repo update
  2. Retrieve all custom values you used during the PX-Central installation. Enter the following helm get values command to generate a YAML file, replacing the <namespace> and <release-name> parameters to match your environment:

    helm get values --namespace <docs-namespace> <release-name> -o yaml > values.yaml
  3. Delete the post install hook job.

    kubectl delete job pxcentral-post-install-hook --namespace <namespace>
  4. Run the helm upgrade command to upgrade PX-Central, using the -f flag to pass the custom values.yaml file you generated above and replacing <release-name>, <repo-name>, and <namespace> parameters to match your environment. Replace the <current-admin-password> parameter with the current administrator password.

    helm upgrade <release-name> <repo-name>/px-central --namespace <namespace> --set oidc.centralOIDC.defaultPassword=<current-admin-password> -f values.yaml

Consider you installed or upgraded an earlier PX-Central version using the values.yaml, which you either:

In this case, you must specify the changes you made in the earlier version values.yaml in the new values.yaml that you use for installing or upgrading to PX-Central 2.0.1.

For example: In the existing values.yaml, if the persistentStorage.storageClassName parameter is set with the value portworx-sc, then you must the set the same portworx-sc value in the new values.yaml.

Last edited: Friday, Aug 20, 2021