Install PX-Backup

After installing PX-Central on-premises, you can enable the PX-Backup component. You can enable PX-Backup even after installing the license server and monitoring service components.

To enable PX-Backup:

  1. Using Helm, add the Portworx Enterprise repository to your cluster and update it.

    helm repo add <repo-name> portworx && helm repo update
  2. Retrieve all custom values you used during install. Generate a YAML file, replacing the values of the <namespace> with your namespace..

    helm get values --namespace <namespace> <release-name> -o yaml > values.yaml
  3. Delete the post install hook job.

    kubectl delete job pxcentral-post-install-hook --namespace <namespace>
  4. Run the helm upgrade command, using the -f flag to pass the custom values.yaml file you generated above and replacing <namespace> with your namespace:

    helm upgrade <release-name> <repo-name>/px-central --namespace <namespace> -f values.yaml --set pxbackup.enabled=true

For more information about the prerequisites and procedure to install PX-Backup on-premises, refer to the Install PX-Backup on-premise topic.

Last edited: Friday, Aug 20, 2021